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“Morning sickness” is not necessarily confined

to the morning hours. Try eating smaller

meals of simple foods, avoiding spicy and

highly acidic foods. Lying down immediately

after eating for just a few minutes may also

be helpful. If your nausea is more severe than

this, try eating a dry saltine cracker just before

getting up in the morning. Sometimes a little

bland food in the stomach will help you keep

your breakfast down. Few women suffer

with nausea after the fourth month, but if

unusually severe, call your healthcare provider.

Medication is usually reserved for those who

have significant vomiting or dehydration. While

the exact causes of nausea during pregnancy

are not totally understood, you may or may not

experience this common problem.


Heartburn is another common complaint of pregnant women. It is not your heart that is burning, it is your stomach!

This is common indigestion, but it can still be an aggravation. It is fine to use an antacid preparation, but do not use

baking soda or sodium bicarbonate preparations for your heartburn. Before you buy an over-the-counter remedy, ask

your healthcare provider to recommend the most appropriate choice. In severe cases of heartburn, you may want to

elevate the head of your bed to encourage your stomach fluids to stay put! (You can add 4 inches of books beneath

the head posts to elevate the head of the bed temporarily.)


As mentioned earlier, you need to drink lots of fluids while you are pregnant. Drinking fluids is one way to avoid

constipation, a common complaint of pregnant women. Exercise every day and eat plenty of fruits and raw vegetables.

Try all the natural remedies first, including the addition of bran and bran products to your diet. If these do not work, your

healthcare provider may prescribe a very mild laxative or stool softener. Do not be shy about discussing constipation

because it is a common problem during pregnancy.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath may be a problem for you during the last month or 2 when the baby is large enough to interfere

with your breathing muscles. Slow down your movements and practice deep breaths from the chest. If you have

trouble sleeping due to shortness of breath, prop yourself up with pillows.

Morning Sickness Remedies:

• Eat bread or crackers before you

get out of bed each morning.

• Get out of bed slowly — do not

jump up.

• Try yogurt, milk or juice before


• Avoid greasy, fried foods or

spicy, heavily-seasoned


• Eat several small meals

during the day rather

than a few large meals.

• When nauseous, get

fresh air, take deep

breaths and sip water.

Some women suffer with

“morning sickness” and

some women are rarely,

if ever, nauseated.

HINT: Take your prenatal vitamin or iron

during the day when nausea is not a problem.


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