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on your pregnancy.

We are here to help guide you safely through your

pregnancy, labor, delivery and post delivery period. This is

the beginning of a wonderful change for you and every

member of your family as well as close friends. We wish to

do all that we can to help you achieve a safe and rewarding

pregnancy experience.

You will get a lot of advice in the coming months, but

remember, each pregnancy is different. When you hear

what seems to be a good idea, jot it down and discuss it

with us at your next visit. Between your regular visits, we

will be available to answer your questions by telephone

or in person. We urge you to read this booklet as we have

tried to anticipate and answer many of the questions that

arise during pregnancy. It also contains the important

telephone numbers that you want to keep handy during

this time.

You can expect our best professional medical advice and

high quality care throughout the coming months. We

look forward to helping you during the exciting days and

months ahead.